We are a group of four young and passionate daydreamers from San Diego, California, with hopes of growing and sharing in a bigger story. We've been building forts as an art practice for the past few years and the public has gravitated towards them with breathtaking support and encouragement. People of all ages and interests have encouraged us to keep creating these forts as a way of building community, both here in San Diego, Beverly Hills and anywhere else we possibly can.

So, taking the advice of those enthusiastic voices...

we’re hitting the road! In a few months we'll be going on an adventure that will take us through the United States, Canada, and Mexico during the months of June, July, and August of 2011. While on the road we have a few specific focuses.

Our first focus is building forts.
For us, to build a fort is to create a safe space where we can freely use our imaginations and be ourselves; a space where we can relate to each other and ask questions. By acting on those questions, a fort becomes the starting place for an experience that will empower and grow both us and our communities into something exceptional. These forts inspire us to live brilliantly, profoundly, and generously.

Our second focus is partnership.
We'll be partnering with different organizations and institutions along the way. From art education departments to urban gardens, refugee committees to youth programs, community projects , and national parks, we’ll be engaging with whomever we can not only via fort building, but also with the simple act of offering a helping hand with the incredible things they’re already doing.

The Inbetween
We want the time on the road to shape us—we want the people we meet and the landscapes we see to greatly impact who we are, what we make next, and the communities we encounter. We want to teach and be taught, to become better listeners, and to find and share in unexpected adventures with others. And we want you to experience these adventure with us as we curiously explore the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

So here is our hopeful invitation to you, wherever you are. We invite you to build a fort and ask questions, and then send them to us. We invite you to give and volunteer your time with others and tell us about it. You don't need to donate financially to be a part of this project. We invite you to donate towards the creation of a bigger story.



Your email will be read by one of us:
Ash, Emi, Max or Wes.
We can't wait to hear from you.